Henry & Rattana D says Brian Wright Thailand impressed us with the time Brian spent with us

Brian Wright Thailand,

There is no question that my fiancee would not have been issued a visa if we were not for the microscopic attention to detail and extensive experience of Brian Wright Thailand and his considerate staff. After my first meeting with Brian I had great trust and confidence in him, the services we would be provided, and his staff. One of the areas that impressed me was the way that Brian spends time getting to know my fiancee and I. In our first meeting we talked like new friends getting to know each other for about 30 minutes. This give and take allowed me to get to know Brian and the type of person he is. I learned that he has what I call small town honesty. I also grew up in a small town; folks who live in small towns are very honest because everyone knows the truth anyway. So you get used to being an open book and comfortable with it. Brian has a good heart, as they say in Thailand, and he cares about people. I would rather have someone who cares about us processing Rattana’s visa because you know if someone cares about you they will work extra hard for you if there is a problem and there is always a problem. I’ve had to work hard all my life to get what I have, I never had anything handed to me and I’ve never been lucky. So with Rattana’s visa I knew I needed somebody smart, with lots of experience and if possible a good and honest person. So when I met Brian Wright Thailand I didn’t hesitate to hire him, and I hired him on the spot. I pat myself on the back for making a good decision, but it was easy, really. I wish all you folks the same good fortune as Rattana and I.

Henry & Rattana D.

Des Moines,IA

Russell & Phueng H highly recommend Brian Wright Thailand to anyone who needs a visa for their Thai fiancee

Brian Wright Thailand,

I highly recommend Brian Wright Thailandand his capable staff to anyone who needs a visa for their Thai fiancee. My fiancee’s interview went great and the visa was issued. Brian processed Phueng’s visa application with perfection and then completed the process for us by obtaining her green card. Everything is done and Phueng has her 2 year green card. I respect Brian’s approach and his way of handling the visa application. In essence what he did was control the paperwork in such a way that it made Pgueng’s interview quite easy for her. He explained to me that he presents the Embassy with a tight application that is everything they want, and need and nothing more. That when the application is evaluated in it’s entirety it creates a picture that will reflect positively upon Phueng and myself. That his goal is to make the embassy happy to see the application because it is prepared the way they like and it makes their job easy. By doing this it eliminates the necessity of a long interview with detailed probing questions. Clearly his technique works well as Phueng was only asked a handful of questions and the interview lasted less than 5 minutes. Phueng also mentioned that the American guy who interviewed her was very polite. The only difficult part was the long waiting time. The entire process took 6 ½ months. I recommend Brian Wright Thailand for anyone who’s fiancee’ is frightened by the embassy interview. He has a great way of making sure it goes easily.

Russell & Phueng H.


James B Says Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand Staff are Experienced, Professional Caring People

To fellow US citizens with Thai girlfriends,

Searching on the internet I became aware of difficulties people have had with visa service companies in Thailand and law firms in America who only fill out forms and can’t speak Thai. Looking back on it I wouldn’t recommend looking at blog sites, too many unqualified opinions and bogus information from some real creepy people. At first I decided that my only criteria were to find a firm with a good track record of success. I didn’t care about a good bedside manner; I just wanted to be assured that I would be able to achieve my end goal of getting my fiancee to America. I was delighted to later find out that not only was US Immigration Law Thailand’s claim of a 100% success rate correct, but that Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and his office US Immigration Law Thailand staff are truly nice people who took great care of my fiancee and were very kind to her. Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand told me that many people don’t believe his 100% success rate is real. But after he explained to me how he is able to maintain the 100% success rate I thought it quite simple. I think it’s important that you know how simple it is. First, Brian Wright, Bangkok Thailand knows his business inside out and backwards including an in depth knowledge of the laws and protocols at the Embassy. When people first come to him he asks a few questions that pre-qualify them for the visa even before he starts their visa application. If he determines by the answers to his questions that they don’t qualify (or he can’t qualify them) for the visa, he won’t allow them to hire him. He told me that he doesn’t lie to people or steal their money. After reading the many internet blogs I am aware of several firms who do just that. Brian Wright and his office Brian Wright US Immigration Law Thailand staff in Bangkok Thailand are experienced, professional and caring people who deliver on their promises and take good care of their clients. In fact you feel more like a friend than a client, that’s how nice the people are. My fiancee truly appreciated how comforting Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand’s staff was to her; the fact that she was comfortable made things a lot easier on me because they could explain things to her that I couldn’t.

James B.
Ewa Beach, HI

Steven & Nat S Says Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand Staff Have my Highest Recommendation

Review and Recommendation for Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand

Our experience was delightful and painless. When I first decided to bring Nat to live me in America I thought all she needed was a passport and a plane ticket, after all that was all I needed to go to see her in Thailand. So after having to leave her behind at the airport I was quite devastated. We then started to do some research. We stopped at the Embassy where they wouldn’t give us any information to help us. Across the street from the Embassy we found a visa service company that convinced us to hire them to process a tourist visa for Nat. They guaranteed it. It was denied. We then decided to be more cautious and interviewed 2 firms we found on the internet, neither of them impressed us. When we finally met with Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and his office Brian Wright US Immigration Law Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand staff we felt at home. We had finally met people who were honest and sincerely care about us. We knew instantly that we had come to the right place. Being a business owner with more than 50 employees I appreciated Brian’s professionalism and confidence. His confidence gave me confidence especially after seeing it backed up by his knowledge, experience and track record. I also really liked and appreciated the way Brian and his staff took care of Nat. His staff really knows what they are doing and they are very nice. There are a lot of wrong people, as we learned the hard way, but Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand is the Wright man. Brian Wright US Immigration Law Thailand staff have my highest recommendation. Best wishes to all.

Steven & Nat S.
Henderson, NV

Jay and Tim T Highly Recommends Hiring Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand

Dear Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand,

Tim joins with me in sending our thanks and appreciation to you Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and your staff for helping us obtain Tim’s fiancee visa. We are absolutely sure we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the benefit of your expertise, experience, attention to detail, and the care and support of your kind staff. I pat myself on the back for doing the extensive research to find the best and most qualified firm. As it turns out, my decision to hire your firm was one of the best decisions I have ever made for Tim and I and has enabled Tim and I to have a bright and happy future together. For anyone reading this letter and to anyone who is looking to get a fiance or marriage visa for a Thai girl, I highly recommend hiring Brian Wright, US Immigration Law Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand. In my opinion the fee is reasonable and affordable and by hiring Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and his capable staff you will eliminate the stresses associated with fear of wondering if all will go well and you and your fiancee will be able to be together.

Jay and Tim T
Sacramento, CA

Timothy C. Enthusiastically Recommends Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand

Dear Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and Staff,

Sue and I can’t thank you enough helping us through the quagmire that is the fiancee visa application process. Sue received her visa in late May and she will arrive in America with her daughter on Friday. We were impressed with the attention Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand gave to even the smallest of details, and how easy you made it for us to understand the application process with your step by step explanations and guidance. To be honest I was a little cynical at first regarding your 100% success rate, but the result of Sue’s visa being issued and your simple explanation of how you pre-qualify people are proof that you really know what you are doing. Now I can easily understand how Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand has a 100% success rate. Sue and O sincerely appreciate the care and support your staff gave to them. I want to thank you Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand for taking such good care of them and for making it possible for us to be together. I enthusiastically recommend Brian Wright USA Immigration Law Thailand and his staff to anyone needing a US visa for their Thai fiancee or wife.

Timothy C.
Pittsburg, PA

Michael & Mai Thanks Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand Guidance, Experience Through The Entire Process

Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and Staff,

I am delighted to inform you that Mai and I will be having a baby in about one month. The doctor has informed us that it is a girl. We are of course looking forward to her arrival with great anticipation. Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand, you and your office Brian Wright US Immigration Law Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand staff played a great part in making our family a reality. We can not thank you enough. Your guidance and experience through the entire process was priceless. I sincerely appreciate that one of your staff was with Mai through all steps of the process. Words can not fully express how grateful we are to you for the personal attention you gave us. My brother is planning on marrying Mai’s cousin soon and he will be contacting you, I have already given him your contact information. For anyone reading this I would highly recommend that you utilize the services of Brian Wright, Bangkok Thailand  and US Immigration Law Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand, the fee is quite reasonable and a real value when considering how much they do for you and the peace of mind you will have knowing that your fiancee won’t have any problems getting her visa.

Michael & Mai
Dallas, TX

Tom & Nan Thanks Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand Staff for Good Care of their Daughters

Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and Staff,

Our two daughters are now with us in Bothell and we are once again a complete family unit due to your great work. I am writing to tell you that the girls’ green cards arrived yesterday and the social security cards arrived last week. Now we feel stable and ready to proceed with a normal life. The girls are picking up English at lighting speed, it must be their young minds, I wish I could pick up Thai as easily. Nan wanted me to thank you Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and your office “Brian Wright US Immigration Law Thailand” in Bangkok Thailand staff for taking such good care of her daughters. They told Nan that they actually had fun and there was nothing difficult about the process except getting the vaccines at Bumrungrad.  But to speak sincerely and from the heart regarding both Nan’s visa and the girl’s visas we want to thank you very much Brian Wright, Bangkok Thailand for your good work. In addition, due to the time we have spent together we feel that our relationship has gone beyond being one of your clients to one of friendship. Nan and I both feel that you are a good person who truly cares about people. This care and friendship means a great deal to Nan and I. All the best Brian Wright, Bangkok Thailand with a bright and happy future, we will stay in touch.

Tom and Nan
Bothell, WA

Drew & Aey C Thanks Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand for Making Possible His Family to Be Together

Dear Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand,

The nightmare is finally over. I never would have imagined how ridiculous government bureaucracy can be. Thankfully you were there to guide us through it. I am sorry that our visa application was not standard and that there were unusual problems. I just didn’t think my background would be a factor. Anyway, you got us thru it and this is the reason for my letter, to thank you Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand. When you factor in that Aey and I have a child together and that we need to be together as a family your coming thru for us was really critical to our future. Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand, you were right about every step and hurdle. I may have questioned you too much and thanks for your patience with me, but you must have known how important this is to me and maybe you have had high maintenance clients like me in the past. Lol Anyway thanks Brian Wright and your office “Brian Wright US Immigration Law Thailand” in Bangkok Thailand staff for hanging in there with me and making it possible for our family to be together. We are eternally great full for everything you have done Brian Wright, Bangkok Thailand.

Drew & Aey C.
Portland, OR

Steven & Kanchana Thanks Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand for Incredible Amount of Service for Kanchana

Dear Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand,

I want to thank you Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand and your office “US Immigration Law Thailand” in Bangkok Thailand staff for the incredible amount of service you provided to Kanchana and I. Initially we considered attempting to process the visa application ourselves but after reading internet blogs about other people’s experiences we felt the process too important to us to take a chance and risk not being together. Being together is extremely important to us and your fee was very reasonable so our decision to enlist your assistance was easy. As we progressed through the process we were delightfully surprised with the amount of personal service you provided to us, and the fact that you and your staff were so accessible. One of Kanchana’s friends is now half way through to getting the visa using your firm Brian Wright US Immigration Law Thailand and she has told Kanchana that she is happy with how things are going. We will continue to refer other people to you Brian Wright Bangkok Thailand as the need arises. Again, thanks from both of us.

Steven & Kanchana B.
Huntington Beach, CA